The Alien TeaBag

The Alien TeaBag

The Alien TeaBag, or ATB as he has come to be known by his close friends, ascended to Earth sometime around the year 1947. Many had mistaken his arrival for a simple weather balloon accident that occurred on ranch just outside the beautiful farming community of Roswell, New Mexico. Others, however, know the truth.

Upon his assimilation into the Earthling culture, he became fond of many things. He was drawn to the beauty of human expression through the creation of art and music. He was mesmerized by the sweet aroma and vast flavors of food and drink. One drink in particular caught his fancy very early on in his arrival and soon after became his namesake. “Oh sweet and delicious Green Tea” he proclaimed after having sensuously enjoyed his first cup of that green nectar of life. He was so taken by the flavor and richness of Green Tea that it became his first Earthly obsession.

After many years exploring this strange new world and soaking in her vast array of beauty and the different cultures of her people, he decided it was time to settle down and begin a new life amongst the humans. He chose Texas as his home due to its central location, diverse landscapes, and the fact that should he ever decide he needed a firearm, well they were pretty supportive of that down there.

And so a new chapter has begun for our grey lanky friend from out of town. As he settles into his new world he has chosen to share his thoughts and ideas with his fellow Earth residents through his digital works concerning space, fantasy, and beautiful landscapes. He’s also become quite enthralled with the likes of Zombies and Vampires I am told. Strange themes for a being with such a vast knowledge of space and time but hey, who are we to judge?

-Written by a guy who knows a guy who dated a girl who's house keeper heard that there was a Grey Alien living across the street from her sisters neighbor.