Aliens, Etc.

Aliens, Etc.

Aliens, aliens, aliens! I am surrounded by them in my workshop where I sculpt them out of stoneware clay, fire them in my kiln and sell them at UFO conferences on the West Coast. I also fell compelled to paint them, occasionally, especially after deep meditation sessions.

I have had many strange encounters, including face-to-face contact with beings I can only describe as aliens, as well as UFO sightings. Aliens seem to be following me around so much, they are coming out in my art! Every time I sit with clay (or painting supplies or whatever) in my studio, I see aliens in the material. So just about everything I do these days has an alien in it somewhere!

I'm retired from a long career in education, where I taught art then, after a degree in art therapy, worked in Special Ed and School Counseling. But I have always been connected to the UFO community. I have two Facebook pages: In Search of Aliens in Ancient Art and Starfield Foundation, a non-profit I manage that promotes science based on alien contact. I enjoy attending UFO conferences to share my interest...and experiences...with aliens.