Alicia Maury Fine Art

Alicia Maury Fine Art

About the Artist

Alicia Maury is a full time professional fine art artist. Her paintings are peaceful with vivid colors. Her compositions have
contrasts with great elements of design. Maury`s paintings have been in exhibitions
in many national and international museums, galleries, in private collections, TV programs Art Magazines and books.

She has worked hard in developing and perfecting her talent as artist Maury taught fine art and ceramics workshops
in major universities, museums, public libraries, community agencies and institution.

Maury is a prolific painter and credits her ability to master a variety of techniques to her experience as an art teacher
in the New Jersey Public School System, receiving the “Teacher of the year Award” from New Jersey Governor.

She was honored for her outstanding contribution to the arts
and the community. Maury holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts Education from Kean University, New Jersey.

Artist Statement

"When I am painting I am inspired by simple and beauty of nature
with the beautiful colored forest, the valley with different flowers and
the blue silver ocean. The air that you can feel it, when it is touching
you and murmuring melodies in your ear like a fresh rainy day.
You can also see the clouds dancing in the sky as well as listening
to the wind’s musical rhythms.

My goal is to attempt to express something more than the landscape.
I want to express freedom, peace and serenity with my memories of those simple and traditional things.
In my paintings you can find shapes, colors and moments of weather and drama.

It is my hope that the viewer will be transported there with my paintings."

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Artist Gallery representatives:

Galeria Botello
208 Cristo St.
Old San Juan, PR 00901

Puerto Rican Art & Crafts Gallery
204 Fortaleza St.
Old San Juan, PR 00901
Phone: 787.725.5596

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