Alice Lenkiewicz

Alice Lenkiewicz

My work has covered a range of themes and techniques.
I use painting, textiles and film to express my thoughts and feelings in my art. My work can be abstract or figurative. It can also be mindful as when I paint I am very connected to the process of what I am doing and don’t isolate my work from my feelings and emotions.

My abstract works are an exploration of colour, mixed media and texture, often reflecting my emotions and places I have a connection with, in real life or imaginary.

My environmental works are often landscapes painted from life. The process of painting outdoors is a statement in itself for me as it’s an act of freedom. I enjoy exploring different landscapes to emphasise and celebrate nature. Sometimes, I will exhibit my work at the places I paint and film this as an extension of my project.

My works on women can be mindful or political. For instance, if I am creating an awareness painting on violence, it can be contemporary or historical such as the plight of the witches in history. I paint women in a variety of ways to raise awareness of our diversity and complexity. I often create confessional emotional and atmospheric paintings based upon my feelings and responses to the world around me.

I enjoy using paint, mixed media and film. I particularly enjoy acrylic, oil painting and textile art. Stitch is an important part of my work as it symbolises ancient traditions carried out historically by women to the present.

I create art because I enjoy the process of discovery and experimentation and also to convey a message. I find creativity therapeutic and the ultimate way to explore meaning and balance in my life and surroundings. I feel, in many ways that my works act as a diary of my lifetime, emotions and interests.
I can be contacted via my website here for exhibiting, commissions and for those interested purchasing an artwork.

You can discover more about my work on my art website

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