Anton's art from the heart

Anton's art from the heart

Anton lives in Lithuania (Europe), in the small picturesque town called Trakai. Since his childhood, he learned to love and appreciate nature; therefore, he began drawing and painting at a young age. Later Anton received a lot of encouragement to continue painting from his aunt who is a professional artist (she lives in Vitebsk, Belarus).

Although Anton works as a freelance translator (English-Lithuanian-Russian), he has not neglected his artistic skills. However, in those moments when he doesn't have time to draw/paint, he takes photos with his camera. Later on he paints landscapes and still-lifes from some of these photos.

While Anton was living and working in the USA in 2001-2006, he traveled in some states and in Canada. He was able to capture some of that natural beauty on his photos and now, whenever he has a chance, he paints those landscapes.

Other sources of inspiration for Anton's art were trips to South Africa (February 2008), New Zealand (December 2013 - January 2014 and January-March 2019), France, Spain and Switzerland (March-June 2017), and French Guiana in South America (January-February 2020). The photos, which he took there, have been used and will be used as themes for his paintings.

So far Anton has participated in several art exhibitions in Lithuania and in Belarus. The first exhibition for self-taught artists was hosted in 2012 in Vitebsk (Belarus), and he sent several of his paintings there. The second similar art exhibition took place also in Vitebsk in June-July 2016. Anton attended it a week before it closed. Four of his paintings were exhibited there.

On 6 February 2018, Anton was present at the opening ceremony of the art exhibition of self-taught artists whose paintings were displayed in the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) in Vilnius city on the occasion of celebrating the 100th anniversary (1918-2018) of the restoration of the State of Lithuania. Two of his paintings were exhibited there. This exhibition was hosted on 6-21 February 2018.

On 19 August - 2 September 2019, Anton organized his first personal art exhibition called "Reminiscences from the Land of the Long White Cloud" in the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas). It was the collection of some of his photos which he took during his two trips in New Zealand and also some landscapes which he painted based on those New Zealand photos.

Since January 2018, Anton has been attending the art studio in his hometown of Trakai once or twice a week. He paints there with other self-taught artists and later they exhibit their paintings in the local art gallery and also in art galleries located in the nearby cities.

Presently Anton paints mainly with oil and acrylic paints as well as water colors. As for oil pastels and soft pastels, nowadays he uses them less often.

Here in Art Pal, Anton is going to display photos of his paintings which are still available for sale and and those which have already been sold or have been given away as gifts to some of his friends.