Anton's art from the heart

Anton's art from the heart

My name is Anton Liachovic (Lyakhovich) and I was born and grew up in a small picturesque Lithuanian town called Trakai. It is surrounded by five lakes which have about 20 islands of different sizes. A medieval castle of 14th century was built on one of these islands, and now this castle is a famous museum and tourist attraction.

Being surrounded by such natural and historical beauty since my childhood, I learned to love and appreciate nature. Therefore, I began drawing and painting at a young age. Besides, my aunt, who lives in Vitebsk (Belarus), is a professional artist, so she was encouraging me to draw and paint when I was a little boy and later on.

Although I had artistic skills, I decided not to pursue the career of an artist. Instead, I got a 4-year degree in English philology (linguistics) and have been working as a translator/interpreter ever since. (I am fluent in Russian, Lithuanian, English.)

I have been quite busy with my translation work; however, I have not neglected the artistic gift in me, so in those moments when I didn't have time to draw/paint, I was taking photos with my camera. Later on I was painting landscapes and still-lifes from some of these photos.

While I was living in the USA in 2001-2006, I traveled in some states and in Canada. The mountainous terrain of Arizona, Washington, Oregon as well as Alberta and British Columbia left indelible impressions in my heart. I was able to capture some of that natural beauty on my photos and now, whenever I have a chance, I paint those landscapes.

Another turning point in my artistic experience was a trip to South Africa in February 2008 and to New Zealand in December 2013 & January 2014. I was indescribably amazed by the beauty of Kruger National Park where I saw enormous diversity of African animals, birds, trees and plants as well as by the pristine nature, mountains and fjords of New Zealand -- "the land of the long white cloud". Indeed, after this trip I returned home with "new zeal"... "and" tremendous desire to paint those landscapes which I saw there with my own eyes! The beauty, majesty and grandeur of this country captivated my heart forever!

In May-June 2017, I had a chance to travel and do sightseeing in Switzerland for 3 weeks. I took a lot of photos of the Swiss Alps, and these pictures with the landscapes showing the majestic peaks and turquoise lakes will also be an immense source of inspiration for my paintings.

So far I have participated in two art exhibitions which my aunt helped to organize in Vitebsk (Belarus). The first exhibition for amateur artists was hosted in 2012, and I sent several of my paintings there. The second similar art exhibition took place also in Vitebsk in June-July 2016. I attended it a week before it closed. Four of my paintings (the leopard, the antelope, and two New Zealand landscapes) were exhibited there.

I have decided to display my paintings in this gallery in order to share that beauty which I have observed both in my travels and in my home town in Lithuania.

As a true lover of nature, I take great delight in the beauty of the environment which was made by the Creator.