Anton's art from the heart

Anton's art from the heart

I live in the small picturesque Lithuanian town called Trakai.

Since my childhood, I learned to love and appreciate nature. Therefore, I began drawing and painting at a young age.

Although I work as a freelance translator (English-Lithuanian-Russian), I have not neglected the artistic gift in me, so in those moments when I don't have time to draw/paint, I take photos with my camera. Later on I paint landscapes and still-lifes from some of these photos.

While I was living in the USA in 2001-2006, I traveled in some states and in Canada. I was able to capture some of that natural beauty on my photos and now, whenever I have a chance, I paint those landscapes.

Another source of inspiration for my art were trips to South Africa (February 2008), New Zealand (December 2013 - January 2014 and January-March 2019) and Switzerland (May-June 2017). The photos, which I took there, have been used and will be used as themes for my paintings as well.

So far I have participated in two art exhibitions in Vitebsk (Belarus). The first exhibition for amateur artists was hosted in 2012, and I sent several of my paintings there. The second similar art exhibition took place also in Vitebsk in June-July 2016. I attended it a week before it closed. Four of my paintings were exhibited there.

On 6 February 2018, I was present at the opening ceremony of the art exhibition of amateur artists whose paintings were displayed in the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) on the occasion of celebrating the 100th anniversary (1918-2018) of the restoration of the State of Lithuania. Two of my paintings were exhibited there. This exhibition was hosted on 6-21 February 2018.

Whenever I have a chance, I try to attend private art classes for painting with oils, pastels, acrylics, and water colors.