The Awakening of my Soul

The Awakening of my Soul

Hello my friends

Alfred S Ayon is my name I am 24 years old, I am a talented & skillful Artist.

My passion is to know everything I can about the Laws of the Universe, Spiritual reality, Manifesting Epic Experiences in life & the Unknown.

I recently learned this amazing power of creating everything I desire with my mind and beliefs, I had to read hundreds of books from Ask & It is Given, The Alchemist, Third Eye Books, Illusions & many more.
I became a Medium a very young age, this allows me to talk to Spiritual Guides and my inner-self often.
I am available to create everything I want by visualizing it first & trusting the universe, I want to share this powerful energy with people around me who are willing to change their old beliefs and believe in something new.

All my art is from my deep meditations & spiritual journey.
I paint them in the tallest mountains of Colorado, sometimes at night with the spirits around me.

I am very grateful for this I love you & may the Universe brings you joy love forever.

The Awakening of The Universe