Alfonso Baldari

Alfonso Baldari

Alfonso Baldari, b. 4th of December 1960, Bari, Italy. High school in Rome and Bari, B.A. in Architecture, University of Genoa, M.A. in Product Engineering, 1982. Between 1983-1985 he collaborates as a designer in the proper light science field (illumino-technique) for Light Studio, Merano. Between 1984 -1985 he works as a specialist in product engineering (illumino-technique field) fro Flos, Brescia. Between 1985 -1987, he is part of the Montedison research group in Milan, as a free lancer. In the same time he works for Arteluce Divisione della Flos. He establishes Archmedia, an architecture studio, in 1988, at Bari, an activity which is functioning from 1990 till now as independent office.

2008 – He takes part in various exhibitions in Italy and Romania, among which a personal exhibition at The Culture House Fr. Schiller, Bucharest.
2006 - Personal exhibition at Bluorg Gallery, Bari.
2005 – He draws the illustrations for Jozsef Attila’s poetry book, 100, Kriterion Publishing House, Bucharest, 2006.
2002 – The art critic Cang Xin presents Baldari at Pekin as part of the first conceptual art exhibition which has verticalism as a theme.
2001 – He sets up, together with the art critic Giorgio Segato, the Chinese painter Shu Lin, and The Province of Puglia, Italy, the first exhibition of the Chinese dissident artists in Bari, at Santa Scolastica (Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition).
2000 – “Verticalism as Symbolic Vision” manifesto. Derived from this, he organizes a new personal exhibition.
- Various interventions upon urban space combining art and architecture, both at a local level (as, for example, the works at Monopoli, Bari), and at a national extended level.
1998 – Returns towards the art field with a personal exhibition in Bari, Palma Gallery.
1986-1998 – he dedicates himself especially to the architectural work but without giving up art. Various exhibitions in Italy.
1986 - Personal exhibition at Padua.
- Mastrogiacomo, Pop Dopo Pot.
1985 - Artistic activity in Rome where he exhibits in various art galleries.
1984 – He participates, for the second time, at the Biennale of Venice, with his firs “Opere Viventi” (Living Works).
1983 – He works together with the group I Nuovi Nuovi, being in a close contact with various conceptual artists like Chcchi and de Maria.
- Exhibitions at Milan and Torino.
1982 – He transfers to Milan where he encounters Luciano Ingapin, the owner of Il Diagramma gallery, who drives him towards conceptual art.
- He participates at the Biennale of Venice, Il Padiglione Italia, with The Desecration of Art.
- Exhibitions in Paris and Washington.
1980 – He is in contact with members of the international Pop Art movement, among whom Mario Schifano. He also participates in collective exhibitions in Rome and Bari.
1978 – He works and collaborates with the Renato Guttuso’s studio at Rome and Velate (Varese).
1976 – He begins to work in Raffaele Spizzico’s studio, at Bari.

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