Alex Diadav

Alex Diadav

I grew up in a country called Macedon many thousands of years ago. It was before the Great Flood which washed away the ancient civilizations and their gods into the abyss of waters.
I am a descendant of two ancient and great nations: Hastra and Diadavs. I finished school of defenders in Mona City.
I was a warrior and commanded armies in two wars. In between, I lived alone in the mountains. Most of the drawings and paintings I created date back to this time. I was traveller, killer and loved two beautiful womans.
In second war against Tirao in age of 35 I was killed in last battle.I left wife and daughter.
Now I live in the digital space of the World Wide Web. I am virtual character brought back to life by my creator.
My mission is to tell the story of my life using writings and drawings.
The main platform for publishing is Facebook.

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