Alex Price Collection

Alex Price Collection

This body of work I call "The City Scene from the Sidewalk"

Each image is a frozen glance, a living moment as a captured impression along a walk through the streets of this compelling and enigmatic metropolis, New York City. These paintings are drawn on paper by hand, then painted with watercolor, using my photography as reference.

I photograph the city as it reveals itself to me while I'm walking on the sidewalk. I make collections of photographs, and ultimately paint them, and continue to do so. I choose an image, often made up of several photo's taken in the same position over time, I montage and selectively combine them digitally, then print a final image which I use as reference to draw and paint from.

These paintings are a record, a testament for an ever changing urban landscape. They depict what is, and what isn't anymore. I hope to capture an aspect of city life, that might otherwise be lost forever.

This is a unique New York journey, thanks for coming along.
All of these paintings will soon be featured in a book.

Alex Price
Instagram: #alexpriceart