Alejandro Mazon Fine Art

Alejandro Mazon Fine Art

I am a mid-career artist with works is several Museum Collections through out the United States, and many works in private collections throughout the US, Latin America and Europe. My career began in 1990, and my first show was a solo exhibition at the prestigious Virginial Miller Gallery in Coral Gables Florida, which began my four year association with the gallery, and introduced my work into an Art World that even to this day, I'm not comfortable navigating. After a two year Sabbatical, I've returned to working full time, with studios in Riverdale NY, and in Walton NY where I spend the summers.

Originally born in Havana Cuba, raised in Spain and now living in NYC, my work often reflects the assimilation process into these cultures, resulting in my own truly unique iconography. I studied at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, under the specific tutelage of Cuban Master Juan Gonzalez (1942-1993), and was part of the NY underground art scene in the 1980's, forming friendships with Jean Basquiat, Keith Haring and the fabulous Mexican Neo Classical painter Julio Galan. Their amazing talents and often rebellious natures influenced my philosophy about art and what it means to be an artist, and enforced my tendencies to be somewhat reclusive, in fact I seldom attend my own openings.

For the last thirty years my work has been sold through galleries and private dealers, as I have always refused to sell out of my studio. This is my first shot at selling my work privately, and I'm actually looking forward to the freedom of not being influenced by the commercial suggestions of Art Dealers and Gallerists, who's focus is often the need to make money, and sometimes not so much in the nurturing of a talent they might have a hard time selling.

I work mainly with discarded objects and vintage papers, old photographs and master drawings. The concept of memory is important to my work, and I often use the memories of strangers, through found photographs and forgotten tokens to give a voice to my own memories and experiences.

I'm hoping you will find interest in my talent, and that my work catches your attention. For more details about my career and Biographical information, please visit my website:

Thank you for your interest.