Alexis Digart

Alexis Digart

Alexis (a.k.a. Constantin N. Alexiades or Alexis Digart)

He was born in Piraeus (Greece)

In 1974 he moved to Paris (France) and began his studies at E.N.S.B.A. (Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Arts).

In 1979, he received his diploma in Architecture (Architect D.P.L.G.).

While studying architecture he also attended workshops in 'Arts Plastiques' (painting, sculpture) with teachers such as Carrade, Marchandour, Corbato and Dalla Valle.

During his time as a student at E.N.S.B.A. (1974-1979), he was also professionally engaged in painting (mainly watercolour paintings and pastel portraits), working at the Place du Tertre (Paris). His watercolour paintings and portraits from this period already belong to private collections across the world.

The last years (2011 / 2012), with new tools provided by digital technology, Alexis focuses again on his favorite themes (mostly landscapes) directly on the screen of the PC.
He works mainly through his imagination or memory, using a variety of digital painting software.