Alexa & Alan ~Secret World productions~

Alexa & Alan ~Secret World productions~

I am a natural born artist. Oxford formed me in a way, yes and I am very grateful for that. College years were the best time ever, but my true nature, the original gene that keeps that flame burning inside, I don't know where it comes from, but it is alive and kicking 24 x 7, all year round. What inspires me? nature mostly. Animals, woods, streams and mist. And people, beautiful people, beautiful from the inside.
I pursue that glow, that halo, some people, some things, have, I want to catch that up, in a pagan way, encasing the magic in a piece of paper, sealing it with charcoal or watercolor or anything else, and make all beholders dream about it. Staring at my work in awe, trying to figure it out, travelling with their minds. If I can achieve a 10% of that, I will be happy for ever.
There is not too much we can do in our lifetime. Places to visit, people to met, things to do. 'Follow your dreams' that is my motto. And never, ever give up!
I will die with a pencil in my hand I am sure, but, who knows? maybe my art will live for ever.

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