Alessandro Nesci

Alessandro Nesci

At the moment I find it extremely relaxing doing pen drawings: through them I let great historical personalities come to life again. The thousands of lines I draw attain to define the faces of these great men, who have given so much to the antique world, to history and to our modern world. Outstanding characters which are symbols of power, models of morality and virtue. I find it intriguing that one unique mistake can compromise the patient work of long days and hours of drawing. At the very same way a different event in the past could have changed the flow of events in history.
I have always felt a fascination for drawing since I was a child. I was fascinated by the idea of translating fantasy stories or even the first knowledge I got in school in images. I remember my notebooks: they were full of stories with drawings and illustrations of what I was learning at school. This is the way I learned new techniques and I improved my abilities: pencil, charcoal, pen, oil-colours, acrylics, using different styles and painting supports.
I have painted soft and wavy landscapes, which sometimes are rough and separated by plains. I saw these landscapes in Rome as I was a child and they come to my mind in my every day life. This is the Nature where History traces overlap and they get, in turn, enveloped by Nature. There is a continuous and silent conflict between these two elements. These conflict, together with Rome and its history, its streets, its ruins and of course its colours is the leit motiv of my work. These themes are here, at your fingertips. It's present history. I cannot describe with words what exactly I feel when I'm surrounded by these "strong" landscapes and I try to paint them. I have completed my knowledge on image studying and acquiring certificates on web design and commercial art and working as a graphic designer. At the moment I work in the Public School as an art teacher. I took part in many collective exhibits. I live in Rome and I have got a private study in my house.

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