Alena Vyshemirskaia

Alena Vyshemirskaia

My art works are represented in different art techniques, the ones of my favorites are watercolor, ink and acrylic.
Realistic and Fantasy Landscapes, illustrations for magazines, books and just imaginary stories are the main themes of my works. I love creating new characters, and some of them become the main heroes of my tales.
I draw my inspiration from nature, literature and what can give me my life experience. I like improving my skills, using different art mediums and mixing them.
Art can be different, but it should speak to our souls. It is like the first moment when a child takes a book and sees the pictures, which enchant him.
I use different kind of materials e.g. canvas, plywood, Japanese paper, aquarelle paper, Mdf, wooden panels. I focuse more on the narrative side of my works.

I use as references to my paintings and drawings my memory, imagination or I go to the plain air.

2000-2004 Childrens' Art School Petrozavodsk, Russia

2008-2013 Petrozavodsk State University, Russia

2015-2017 North Karelia College, the department of Fine Art, Visual Artisan, Finland