Alexandra Djokic

Alexandra Djokic

I'm a graduate composer and professor at the National Ballet School in Belgrade. My second great passion is drawing and painting. I am intensive with drawing and painting for three years. My art works are in the homes of my dear customers around the world

.Aleksandra Đokić is a Serbian composer whose music covers the spectrum of musical genres from piano music to chamber and orchestral to musical theater , film and electronic music.
Composer , pianist, sound designer ,music producer, painter …. Studied and graduated as composer and pianist at Belgrade Music Academy. She’s engaged in research focused on connecting music and scenic movement. As a result of that engagement, she cooperated with many choreographers , dancers and actors. .

Modern Still Life

At the beach, Sea, Water , Pool Part

Nature, Landscape , Flowers, Village

Female portrait / black and white

Girl with umbrella

Rainy Town , Cityscape, Town,

Girl with camera / ink , mixed media

Girl with sunglasses


City stories & urban scene

Children, childhood, play,

Classical, Beauty, Fashion,Vintage

Ballet , Dance, Musician, Pianist,


Animals and birds

Nude / Black & White , Color

Romantic, Couple, Hug ...

Eastern beauty

Woman with a mask / 42 X 29.7 cm

Male figure, men , male nude,

Rainy Day