Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Hi there, I'm Aldo S. Johnson. I moved to Colorado 10 years ago and loving everything about it. At first it was a culture shock moving from Georgia to Colorado but I quickly became accustom to the charm. The vast beauty of the Flatirons amazed me. Driving to work is like a vacation. Each time I look West I am so grateful that I moved to Colorado. The food was another shocker, All Natural, Organic, Grass Feed, Granola, Gluten Free what's that?...LOL I was use to my Mom's homemade Southern Cooken, but I quickly adjusted and very happy.

I fell in love with photography my Senior year in high school. I really did not actively peruse anything in photography until a few years later after moving to Atlanta. With a disposable camera or two I drove all over Georgia cultivating my love for the art. My Dad gave me my first 35 mm when I was 26. After that I purchased my very first Digital Camera and have not looked back. Thank you for support

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