Aldehy Art Gallery

Aldehy Art Gallery

The French artist Aldéhy began his career as a painter in 1975 in the South Pacific (Vanuatu).
Returning from the Amazon after spending 5 years in an isolated village in the country of N’Djouka from 2013 to 2018, he set up his workshop in Soustons in the Landes.
His field is painting and drawing, figurative, narrative and symbolic painting.
Aldehy's particularity is to create thematic exhibitions.

2008 : - Exhibition in the art gallery in " La Verrerie " castle in Le Creusot :
" ln search of Paradise".
2009 - 2012: Permanent exhibition to the gallery " Espace Art Gallery " Bruxelles - Belgique.

Avril 2012 - Élu par l'Académie Européenne Arts-Lettres-Philosophie "Académicien officier de la légion d'honneur".

2013 : Exhibition at " Concorde Art Gallery " - 179 Bd Lefebvre 75015 Paris

- September 2013: Departure for South America to the country of N'Djukas and Saramacas (Guyana).

- January 2014: Exhibition at "the gallery of the river" (Daniel Gallery) - Grand Santi – French Guyana

2016 - Meeting with Haitian artist Antonia Morelus - Franco-Haitian artistic projects.
2018 - Establishment of two workshops, Painting with N'Djouka students from Achmat College in Grand Santi (French Guyana). Production of 24 paintings for the embellishment of the establishment and a workshop of creations "embroidery-passementerie" with the Haitian artist Antonia.

Permanent gallery visits by appointement.
Place des Arènes – Résidence La Feria - 40140 –France.
Phone : 06 48 53 41 52 -
Aldéhy Art Gallery

Aldehy Art Gallery