Albi YZO Art

Albi YZO Art

Albi Yzo was born in June 1993 Korçë. At 2007 he started to take paintings classes at The Arts Lyceum « Tefta Tashko Koço » in Korçë- (specialty Pikturë Kavaleti) and finished it on 2011.

In France, at 2014 he started The First year at the University of Lorraine UFR Arts, Lettres et langues – (Arts Plastiques) he was diplomed at 2015.

When he will back of France he started The Second &The Third years at the University of Arts in Tirana Faculty of Fine Arts (Pikturë Kavaleti) and finished them at 2017.
During this period he took place at many exhibitions at Tiranë , Korçë, Berat, Fier, etc.
2010 Participation in the competition ‘’Shqiperia është kulturë’’
2011 Personal exhibition at T.T Koço’s Lyceum
2012 Participation in the exhibition “Pranverë Art
2013 Participation in the exhibition ‘’Ura me tri harqe’’ FAB
2013 Participation in the exhibition ‘’Skulptura në hapesirat publike’’ FAB
2014 Second price in the competition « Peintures et Sculptures » France.
2014-15 Active in various exhibitions and cultural events and art exhibitions in France.
2017 Participation in the exhibition ‘Ekspozita e fundvitit”

His favorite kind of painting are portraits, compositions, where in deep they are combined in harmony with the ideas that he wants to transmit and their visual appearance whose are conducted with the relevant media.
Currently he lives and works in Tirana where his artistic activity develops.

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