• My name is Alan Mason. Thank you for joining me on ArtPal and viewing AlansArt. This gallery is called TWO-IN-ONE!
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• TWO-IN-ONE came about during a brainstorming session with my wife, who is always the first person I show my work to. As a Graphic Designer, I always have the most possible gain for my customers in mind. So it was not difficult wondering how and where the inspiration for Two-In-One came from as a artist: Naturally by adding another, an extra picture! Here's trusting that Two-In-One enjoys your interest and I invite you to visit ArtPal another time soon.

• When developing ideas into images, I mostly begin with a sketch, a drawing or a photograph. The work is then subjected to alteration and is treated on many layers to conceptual editing, producing the end result, which you can inspect here on ArtPal. Many thanks to all at ArtPal for introducing my art to a highly knowledgable and interested audience and to dedicated, talented members.

• There will be more TWO-IN-ONE titles for sale soon. Any questions wellcomed: