Alan Chaney

Alan Chaney

I have painted for over 30 years in pastels and oils.

Over the years I have developed a passion for landscape painting. Having lived in many countries and experiencing a wide variety of landscapes ranging from the Mediterranean to Northern Europe I am now settled in the Eifel in Germany close to the border with Belgium. The Eifel is an area of undulating upland countryside with tree covered hills and valleys, it offers the painter a great variety of interesting subject matter.

I paint mostly with pastels finding them very responsive and versatile especially when painting plein air.

My paintings are an emotional response to the natural world I see around me.


Articles, " painting with pastels " in the art magazine " Palette & Zeichenstift ".


Cologne, Baden Baden, Kronenburg and " The European Society of Artists From The Eifel and Ardennes " in Prüm.


" Painters of The Eifel Art Society "