Finger-painting at two came first, and NYC art museum walks from four on: My Saturday buddies were often Van Gogh, Dali, Kandinsky, De Chirico, Breughel, Picasso…I sketched what I saw. A Guernica-like drawing I did in second grade freaked out my teacher who made a concerned call to my parents. Three years of life drawing in Architecture school with Bauhaus emigres Nellie Barr and Paul Wieghardt taught contour and 10-second action-drawings to me which coordinated hand and eyes. I particularly enjoyed drawing contour caricatures of my fellow students. From early 70s through mid-80s, I was swinging a hammer - learning architecture thru construction - or running my own architecture firm; not much time for painting. Then, from ’86 to ’92, Artists Peter London and Seymour Segal encouraged me to develop my own painting language. That led, in 1993, to "Portraits of Zinkov,” a memorial portrait series I began in order to honor Holocaust victims in my ancestral Ukrainian home, and all those childhood artist friends returned, their styles modified to my own way of seeing. A switch in careers to Special Education and ultimate retirement has given me time to exhibit the Zinkov work, and to paint landscapes, seascapes, portraits, fantasy worlds, environmental and historical subjects. I hope these images intrigue, maybe even challenge, causing you to ask, “Why on earth did he paint that?” Maybe you’ll reflect on your own way of seeing and understanding. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Still Life

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Places Imagined

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