Alain FAURE in Painting

From Spark to Passion

It all started on the school benches while I only dreamed of painting Van Gogh and I took the bus every Thursday afternoon to go to the Beaux Arts of Auxerre.
I was able to understand through the different techniques learned, how many opportunities there were to express themselves, but also to communicate and share both by drawing and painting, which are allies constituting a source, vital energy and Real, a part of myself.
It was also during meetings, meetings of workshops of multiple disciplines, that I was able to find my own way and the style that is now mine.
Music came to complete my approach to art in general, but it especially made me understand in the early 2000s that it could perfectly slip into my paintings.
 Thus, in my workshop, there are always some notes of jazz, classical music, but also soul or pop. This crazy idea of ​​wanting to mix music and painting is only to give rhythm to each of my paintings.
In this same process of parallel research, I wanted to identify many of my achievements in order to put forward an idea of ​​transparency of colored glass, and therefore of stained glass.
I draw my inspiration from both the Burgundy I come from and the Provence where I live today, the two bringing me nuances and different lights on my palette.
My initial intention is to give to the creation of each work a quality arousing the desire for mystery and poetry.
My painting whose conceptual technique is imprinted with a certain modernity, wants to be different from others probably because it gives me all that I expect of her ... a window on the dream!