Alagic Emina

Alagic Emina

Emina Alagic

... a twenty-seven year-old self thaught painter from Sanski Most has been fond of art in early adolescence, just lately beginning to convey her wishes, ideas and vision on canvas, constantly seeing and absorbing art and every kind of art form created a strong desire for dealing with this culture.

Starting with drawing graphics, portraits, analyzing faces and human anatomy, from graphite pencils and charcoal to oil paintings on canvas.

The portrayal of women's faces and figurative work is considered a very nice thing to inspire her for something bigger. Experimenting with abstract works and playing with light (sfumato & chiaroscuro), shadow, shapes, etc.

A strong importance on the dedication of details to a drawing and painting, the technique sfumato is the right way to express her style of painting.

Sfumato in melancholic notes and tones. abstract nature and portraits, still lifes, figurative artworks, abstract mixture of figurative work etc..

In two years of drawing and painting time, Emina has attracted the attention of a couple of customers and even international art magazines.

In the future, the artist hopes for invitations for exhibitions, home and abroad.

Purchased works that were commissioned are currently in Norway, England and Slovenia, Croatia, in addition to the modest customer work in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Seeking international career and socializing with as many artists as possible, and constantly create new and strong, eternal artwork.