About Akasha
I am born in the Netherlands.
As far as my memory goes back I have always been creating things. Luckily I always had art classes in the schools I went to. Born in 1957 this was not very common in these times.
I learned drawing, painting, crochet, knitting, gardening, sewing at a very young age and I still manage to do them all from time to time.
In 2001 after my first Reiki initiation, I saw a mandala appearing in front of my eyes and that inspired me to start painting them. I have never stopped since and the knowledge that came with them helped me to get a deeper inside in the Universal connections and Sacred Geometry.

Innovative, Eye for Detail ,Love and a Sea of Patient and Creativity are some words to describe my art.
Each painting takes between 1-3 month.
Depending on the light, the colours will change.
To see more of my work go to http://casamandala.weebly.com/mandala-slide-show.html

The name Akasha I sign my paintings with came as well during the process of creating mandalas.

The process

I always start my mandala by looking for the center point.
Trusting my hands and intuition to flow over the canvas with the help of a compass and a ruler gives birth to each mandala. From there it becomes a journey into colours and texture.
I might get a name or a story that forms during the process that gives me an understanding in what I am doing.

I also create personal mandalas for others with the help of a photo. Besides painting on canvas i re/upcycle furniture, doors,create lamps you welcome for reatreats and workshops. Islamic design is what i use a lot.

lamps,furniture recycled materials