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AJLive Gallery


Ever since being a child, AJ, aka Angelo J. Moretti has experienced dreams and visions of imaginary worlds. He now creates and finds them again during his painting process. He states “Any achievement or challenges I have risen through in my life has been accomplished through creative expression.” Before entering the world of professional fine-art, he entered into his young professional life as a graphic designer which gave him a strong concept of color, composition, and visual hierarchy.

In 2009, AJ began painting on wood panels with his hands, in a wildly performative expressive and yet therapeutic painting approach, rotating the canvas, and painting in layers while moving to music he listens to. Eventually, AJ finds a resolved and completed artwork and he loves the sensation of ‘surprise’ he gets from not knowing how the final outcome will look until it’s finished. These painting experiences turned into a large series and he began to sell his work in 2010 in the Chicagoland area as well as the suburbs of Northern Illinois where he was born and raised. After 12 years of college consisting of earning a B.F.A at Quincy University, training with individual artist mentors as well as attending Grad School in Columbia Missouri, he has been teaching art classes, doing public murals, TV news interviews and winning awards for service in the arts. AJ is still now continuing to focus on creating artwork in his rotation style and enjoys doing live-painting auction events to raise funds for community charities including art-education for underprivileged youth as well as animal rights support.

AJ’s favorite visual motif is the the circle, which the artist Miro claimed was “the shape of least resistance.” AJ’s love of painting circles comes from the calming effect of creating them and the way they are universal in identity. The circle also represents “oneness” illustrating that we are all connected in “the circle of life”. Using round shapes as well as using over 42 different techniques he develops through experimentation and reintroduces constantly, he creates vivid, non-objective, surreal and abstract landscapes which take on a life of their own which are flowing with implied movement. His paintings look like a microscopic world of cells or a vast cosmic space of celestial shapes charged with emotion. Gallery owner Liz Solaro says “AJ’s paintings are like staring at a campfire, vibrant and silent without demanding commentary.” He supports the idea that is paintings can be viewed from any angle and encourages the viewer to rotate his images on the wall periodically. “Everyone sees different imagery in my paintings, which to me are psychologically fascinating and my favorite part about sharing the art with others, because they get to use their imagination as well.” -AJ Moretti. This statement illustrates that everyone has a unique perception that no one else sees, and it is unique to each individual’s experience and life.

A few other aspects of his unique art is the incorporation of positive phrases written on the canvas underneath the paint in which to him sets the intention for each piece, for example: “happiness, health, wellness, joy, peacefulness, & fulfillment”. Also, he incorporates gem & mineral dust mixed into the paint which creates dynamic textures. AJ believes he is ‘rejuvenating’ the surface of any work he creates... with intention, color, texture. He then hopes the finished painting will ‘rejuvenate’ the space it will then reside afterwards. Angelo

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