JF Atelier

JF Atelier


I'm am amateur artist in Singapore. Unlike the many artists here, I'm not trained in Art. In fact, my educational background is in Science. However, I've always loved drawing and painting since young, but have been distracted by the many demands of life such as studies and work.

A few years back, the passion for painting had been rekindled in me as I went for an Art Jamming session at Arteastiq (Singapore). Since then I've been painting on and off during these Art Jamming sessions. There came a point when I find that I've become stagnant in my painting. I needed a breakthrough and to learn painting properly. So I enrolled myself in an art exploration program at a local art studion (My Art Space). There I've learnt how to see forms, colours and toning and translate them into artworks, with the help of the talented instructors/facilitators. My Art Space does not emphasize on techniques but rather on our free expression and style.

I would love to share my works with you and if you are interested in them, you can own them. You can also visit https://jfatelier.wordpress.com/ to see some of my works that are not on sales here as some of them are gifts for friends.