sketchpen art and photo gallery

When i was in high school i like to draw usually landscape for my school project.I remember my nephew told me that one of my drawing (my school project) still hanging on their house wall until today...(i'm thinking if i made that drawing that's 16 to 18 yrs ago).then i keep drawing on sketchpad i left that sketchpad in my moms house for years,she kept it. When she died i sorted out her stuff and i found that sketchpad.I brought it back to me in Manila where i lived,then showed it to my husband on skype ,then he told me he was before major in art but dropped it.He bought me brushes and acrylic paints sent it to me by fedex. That's how i started painting i used illustration board practising,then my husband told me that oil paints is much better to use then i tried it on real board canvas and i love the outcome the colors are brilliant and thick.I am a self thought painter,my husband also paint (but he only hold the brush when he like) some of paintings here is his work.This are my collections since i move here in Chicago.I also love to take pictures some of them i share it to you here.Take a look at my gallery and feel free to email me if you have any questions..


hand made oil paintings