Artwork by Al

Artwork by Al

I am a retired and disabled purchasing professional. I have loved photography most of my life. I started with one 35mm film camera. That grew to a number of 35mm cameras, along with a 6x4.5 Bronica ETR-S. My wife and I did weddings for several years. It was nerve-wracking worrying about screwing up someone’s wedding photos. Knock on wood that never happened. The last year that we did weddings, we were out almost every weekend.

Since moving to Arizona, I have continued to work on my photography skills. Since I’m disabled, I can’t really stand to take photos any longer. I’ve really found great joy in photographing floral arrangements. I hope you enjoy the work I display.

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Gallery One: Assorted

Gallery Two: More Assorted

Gallery 3: Hot Air Balloons

Gallery 4: digital coloring