Andrew Gibbs Art

Andrew Gibbs Art

"In my paintings I try to capture the mood, mystery and soul of the West Coast.
Wandering through wild spaces I'm often filled with awe and wonder. Painting gives me a way to recreate these moments and make them new.

I feel a deep sense of connection not only with the land itself but with the First Nations peoples who lived there for thousands of years. I store up these impressions and imaginings within me and when I paint sometimes they surface and come to life.

Working back and forth between realism and a more intuitive and gestural approach helps give me new ideas and I am constantly experimenting with different materials and developing new techniques. Acrylic, watercolour, casein and mixed media on canvas, board and paper are just some of the materials I use."

Andrew Gibbs is a contemporary Canadian artist who was born on Vancouver Island on July 9th, 1974, and currently lives in Saanichton, B.C. He graduated from The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design with a degree in Visual Arts in 2004 and has since graduated from UBC with a degree in Fine Arts Education. At UBC he won the prestigious Brissenden Art Education Scholarship which is awarded for excellence in creating visual arts learning resources. He exhibits his work in galleries in Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Saltspring Island, B.C. Early experiences practicing falconry and birdwatching fostered a deep sense of connection with nature in Andrew which has never left him. He currently teaches art at a private high school in Victoria where he seeks to share this love for art and the natural environment with his students.

Mystic Coast Series