Alain Gaymard

Alain Gaymard

Alain Gaymard, the photography as the passion …

Confucius said "choose a work which you like and you will not have to work a single day of your life". Here is the quotation which becomes to Alain Gaymard.

" Little in spite of me, without regret and in my most great pleasure, it is the advice which I followed. Indeed, photographer by passion originally, I made afterward my job. I practise the photography since the time of the argentic and " was converted " rather naturally to the digital technology. Although my working techniques evolved with the era of the digital technology, the black and the white is a present constant since my beginnings until today. I prepare the exhibitions around a theme and organize my journeys according to this one. Involved photographer and generous artist, I am interested in the equestrian world, in the journeys as well as in the evolution of my job. " The words of the photographer are who appears at us.

An artist in the singular universe,

Alain Gaymard's works offer us a singular visual and esthetic universe. His photos are recognizable in their lively colors and their soft focuses. The artist presents us a dreamlike world, making the spectator travel not only through a wide chromatic pallet but also in fantastic, scheming, picturesque and poetic spheres.

Energy of landscapes inspired by the film adaptation of the work of Tolkien in similar atmospheres to those of Tim Burton, Alain Gaymard, his works also have a pictorial structure which reveals inspirations of surrealist painters such as Salvador Dali, or more photographic as the editions of Sebastiao Salgado. The artist creates a comparable universe, inciting to the musing and to the escape.

The artist takes a fresh look at productions which surprise us by the choice of themes, we find masked and mysterious characters; passer-by of the fanciful creatures, to the misled travelers, while keeping the strength of its captures. The artist invents an improper and fanciful company. This apprehension of the art aims at giving an image at the same time esthetic while betting on a technical work, by adopting varied points of view which stress the creative onirism.

His objective is to get the moment and the emotion of faces, expressions, by revealing the most diverse feelings. Alain Gaymard is thus an innovative photographer, not hesitating to associate various kinds and themes to create an at the same time folk and unreal world. The artist develops a style of his own tempting to escape in her dreamlike creations.

How did you reach the creation of your style?

" I visit a great deal of exhibitions. I find that, in many of them, there is a lot of personal research in photos, that it is for the level shooting or technique. The competition being rough, I try to develop a style which can differentiate me that it is both at the level of the reports and for the digital creation. Certainly it closed to me the doors of certain agencies photos which tell me that it is no more photo, but it opens me others which maybe will offer better perspectives. I thus used a tool which I master, the computing, to realize my creations and I evolve more and more in this way.

What is your most crazy dream?

" My most crazy dream would be to work with the real gallery. No gallery which has for only purpose to rent(praise) its walls, but a gallery which really takes care with promoting its artists, with the real collaboration. In brief, the real gallery. But it is for the moment only a dream. "



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