Hi! My name is Andy, and I'm a plastic artist, currently living in Maringá, Paraná - Brazil. I was born in Curitiba, but have been living here most of my life, only leaving for college.

I started drawing in a rather random way when I was about 11. For some reason I'll never understand a friend of my best friend's sister asked me to draw something for her. So I did. First time ever I tried, copying a image from a magazine to a blank sheet, no tracing. It was a Dragonite (you know, from Pokémon) and I was so perplexed that I actually managed to do it, I never stopped (and still have the drawing).

I got in the Etching and Engraving course by the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná (2005 - 2009), went to Italy (twice) and studied italian, went to IED Firenze, and took mask making courses with Prof. Agostino Dessì, first in 2008 and then in 2010. No need to say, studying with Agostino had a great impact in my creative development, and from him I got a passion for masks and fantastic, whimsical creatures.

Once I came back from my second time in Italy on august 2010, I felt like I had to push my practice towards sculpting and mask making (which hadn't been possible in 2008) and about a month later I had a place for my workshop. Finally I was able to start making masks in Brazil. Not long after that I went to Alliance Française while looking for a french course, and through the director, Elisabeth, the idea of my first exhibition started to grow.

It happened on march 25 (the same day I went to Italy for the first time, 3 years before) and it went just great. From then on masks and faces have been my main subject of study. I hope my works find ways to give inspiration and wonder to some, just as those of Agostino did for me.

Clown Series