African Urban Art

African Urban Art

Welcome to African Urban Art!

We are so happy to be here on Artpal, as we make every effort to bring the beautiful art we have to offer to as many people online as possible.

Most of the art we offer is by street artists from Africa - artists whom we believe deserve their work to be showcased online, and whose art we absolutely love and admire so much.

We also make every effort to offer art that we sincerely believe has a chance of being a sound investment piece in coming years. And African art is becoming more and more sought after internationally, as more and more people realize that African art is more than just wooden masks and tribal art.

We choose art that is vibrant and eye-catching and that reflects the spirit and energy of Africa as we have known it...

Remember - African art is alive!

We also offer paintings, sculptures and art collectibles by non-African artists who have nevertheless caught our eye or been part of our art collection.


Gallery - Original African Paintings

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Cityscapes of Japan - Prints

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Life in Japan

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Foliage of Japan - Prints

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