Adrienne Anastasia

Adrienne Anastasia

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I began training in the arts in general: fine art, music, drama, coming away with a Bachelors degree in music. It’s been a long detour from artist to musician then back again. Beginning with portraiture then animals and landscapes, I explored the possibilities with watercolor and oils before finally settling on acrylics. My interests have expanded yet again to digital art and even fish prints. It's just plain fun to peel the paper from the fish, revealing a new impression. Whatever the medium, my goal is to bring out the essence of each subject. They all have their own story and I derive great satisfaction from rendering their special characteristics, which are always fascinatingly unique. I put on some music and away I go, loving the journey each painting takes me on.. I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoy creating them. At times I’ve been caught singing as I paint!