I am Andranik Avetisyan. I was born in Gyumri (The Republic of Armenia) on 28 December 1986. I am an Armenian artist, business man, collector of art works .
The main subjects of my works are life, man , human relations, space, beginning, what is the art.

I am really glad that I am the first man in the world who created a picture from a real spider web.

In 2012 I noticed the spider web in the corner of the window in my studio.Then a great idea came to my mind to create a picture from a spider web.And I began to study the life of the spiders and the structure of their web.After that I began to breed the spiders and to use their webs in order to create the pictures.
(Andranik Avetisian (Ado) says: “Spider web, in nature is a picture of energy making a connection among all the objects in the world“ .)


My father Hovhannes Avetisyan was an artist and my mother is a housewife. I was taught painting by my father who worked and had his gallery and studio at the same school where I studied and by art critic R.Ajemyan.
In 1975 I started school and left school in 1985.
In August 1985 I started work at the cotton-mill as a locksmith.
Then in 1986 I went to Gyumri State Institute after Michael Nalbandyan and started my creative work at the same time.
In 1987 I joined the army in the USSR frontier forces and stayed there for two years. After my military service I continued my education at the State Institute after Michael Nalbandyan . I graduated from Institute as a computer teacher.
In 1991 I started work at the enterprise “ ARMVTORCHERMET “ as a manager of the base.
In 1996 I acquired 76,2% of shares and now I am a director of “ADO WOLF” enterprise. I live in Gyumri (The Republic of Armenia, Shirak Region”.
I am married and have two children.


Abstract Art, Oil Painting on canvas

Original Abstract Art