Addi Rujoh

Addi Rujoh


My name's Addi and I'm a UK based illustrator, graphic designer and cartoonist with years of experience and digital and traditional, but mostly digital.
My style is versatile, fun, exciting and usually topic based.

I have over 15 years of experience in the illustration world as a professional
and I've work with different types of clients...from businesses to individuals.

Every single illustration was designed, devised and created by me...some of the non-comic artworks were reference based...but just few. Example of this are the London bus and New York images. The comic illustrations were pure imagination illustrations.

The reason why I'm showcasing my work on this website is to display my work to a wider audience and let them share what I do, which is something that can be a permanent fixture for them should they decide to have hem framed.

My creations have been used used for children books, magazines, Business cards, newsletters, greeting cards, Stock Libraries and online clothing websites, DVD & CD covers and more. I can also be found on Google.