Pen & Ink Artist, Jim Caudill

Pen & Ink Artist, Jim Caudill

I am an artist who prefers the medium of pen and ink. I am a survivor of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2008. Art and music (I also play the guitar) have been a large part of my recovery process. My goal is to enrich the lives of others by what I am still able to do in both areas. Perhaps a little lofty, but.............

My wife Kathleen and I live in rural Ohio, on a lovely bit of land called Riverbirch Farm, with a menagerie of animals (both tame and wild), and oft-visiting grandkids.

I like to draw that which I am most familiar with; namely, rural scenes, small towns, old cars and trucks, abandoned houses and buildings. As the family farm disappears, and "agribusiness" takes over, many homesteads are simply left to fall into disrepair. The vast majority of children-perhaps even adults-in America have never gathered eggs, baled hay, or even worked in a garden. I believe it is the best life to be had.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Jim Caudill