Annise Cibrian Photography

Annise Cibrian Photography

I am an amateur photographer who enjoys taking photos of scenery, nature, animals, and people at special events in my spare time; mainly to refer back to for painting projects and because photography is another form of art for me. I am a multi-media artist working with acrylics, watercolor, pastels, and colored pencils. I have dabbled with oils and sculpting in the past. I’ve been drawing since I was 6 years old and everything I do, I’ve basically taught myself. I enjoy creating things and especially enjoy the expression on people’s faces. With encouragement from friends and family I have just now started to display my photos in local art council shows and was encouraged to try displaying my photos on Baltimore's LED Art Billboard and am a featured artist on their website:

My equipment is a Canon Rebel T5i with the standard lens package (18mm-55mm and 75mm-300mm), and I have a Tamron Macro AF Zoom 70mm-300mm and a Canon 18mm-135mm zoom lens. I would like to eventually upgrade to more powerful equipment. In the meantime, enjoy!





Butterflies and Other Insects