Falaise Peralte

Falaise Peralte


I am Falaise Peralte, a professional sculptor. I left school at 14 to get started in art at the workshop of Gabriel Bien -aime. I have an auto-dictate training that I acquired while admiring the works of great sculptors like Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso and Georges Liautaud.
My art focuses on the mythology of Haitian voodoo, the great mysteries of the world, animals and plants.
To make my artwork, I use iron barrels that I cut to make a sheet of metal. My technique is essentially manual with hammers, chisels and punches. Then the work is varnished to avoid oxidation.
My goal is to change the aesthetic perception of people from very unattractive material such as an iron barrel, or cans. I want to leave people dumbfounded by presenting subjects that are very little dealt with by artists such as mythology and the mysteries of the world.

Contact info for artistic exhibition=
Whatsapp : +50936060101
Instagram : @falaiseperalte
Email: acedenterprise@gmail.com

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