Abstracts Art Angel

Abstracts Art Angel



My name is Miss Juliana.

I am a full time artist from Aruba and I live and work in Amsterdam The Netherlands.
I have worked as an Artist since 1990. I am also a painter and a teacher at an art academy. I create and design silkscreen T-shirts.
As you can see I prefer an expressive and abstract style in my artwork
I feel good every time I work in my studio.
I have been interested in art, literature and music since I was a child.
Also nature gives me a lot of inspiration. I like to work with abstract .
Abstract gives me an alternative and freedom to have fun with colors and forms.
I create what I feel.
I am now into creative upcycled old vintage Jewelry.
And making my own handmade Jewelry.
But also My Art On Canvas silkscreen in fashion.

I am now very much a Vintage Lover such as Art & Jewelry Collector to upcycled .

Thank you very much for visiting my shop

Hope to hear from you soon
Take care and God bless

Abstracts Angel