Abstract Art Fractals

Abstract Art Fractals


I am very passionate about art. I love all art but my favorite is abstract.
For every piece of my artwork that is sold 50% will go toward an art charity. Since there are so many to choose from I will just rotate through them all. I will post when I make a donation on my G+ and Twitter with proof. I think it is sad how so many schools are dropping art programs due to lack of funds. Children need art in there life.

Just looking at some of these pieces of work can have healing and inspiring effects. Creating art can also make you feel better. By releasing stresses that you don't even know are there art can be just as effective as therapy.

Anyways I am a single mom that works part time and creates art during the other part. I love to chat on G+ and Twitter about art. Add me on google at https://plus.google.com/u/0/117916306295502060207/posts and/or Twitter @craftsworkinmom

I hope you enjoy my work.