Abstract Africa

Abstract Africa


As a South African born in the Apartheid Era, we were not as privileged as our "white counterparts in terms of attending the best schools, universities and colleges.

Everything we wanted to achieve had to be self-taught in the privacy of our homes which, with passion and perseverance, made us more appreciative of our achievements.

Over the years I taught myself to cook without formal training, which paid off as I own a catering company and do catering for Government etc

About 20 years ago I started fabric painting and progressed to Acrylic Painting.

I use my country, South Africa, as my muse because there is not a day that goes by when we interact with more than a dozen different African cultures and hear carious languages spoken by our nationals.

The beauty of this country and its people, and the trials and tribulations are reflected in my paintings

I also try to transport myself to different parts of the world when painting...it's quite interesting to imagine other traditions other than my one

Hope you see a bit of South Africa in my art

Cheers and lots of love


Chinese Dynasty

Zulu Warrior