Abstract feelings

Abstract feelings


My name is Hriscu Andreea (Adk) and I am a 26 year old visual artist from Bucharest, who paints and draws from the age of 9, educating myself daily and trying to learn more about this amazing field. During high school, university and master’s studies, I carried out various works in pencil, watercolor, acrylic and other diy craft like personalized mugs, t-shirts, jewelries for friends, relatives or acquaintances who appreciate my talent and want an original artwork.

Although without art studies, I’ve always been concerned with sharpening my talent and techniques so I began experimenting with various art styles and techniques, drawing and painting on any surface(paper, wood, glass, canvas, textiles, walls, doors.

I have attended several workshops and I am permanently consulting with other artists and teachers from this area in order to improve my talent and skills, while also studying on my own.

I like to paint what I feel, simply put my feelings on a canvas and see the result. That's why those paintings are different and unique.

Hope you'll like my art and thank you for visiting my portfolio !