Anibal Bogliaccini

Anibal Bogliaccini

My work is based on the representation of abstract elements. It is the expression of a concept released from the object. Piet Mondrian said: "The artist is aware of abstraction as a feeling of beautyā€¯, and thus I consider abstraction as the most beautiful representation of nature.

The concept of the abstract is applied to any expression disconnected from the figurative intention and from the references of the apparent reality. This pulverization and decomposition of the elements that make up a concrete world are what interest me the most about art and creation. I work with texture, neutral colors, most in particular earth ones and consider myself to fit into neo-abstract expressionism and the so-called, new figuration. The force and gesture of the expression evoke the notion of power. My paintings recall arid places where the strength of man's struggle to survive in a world of war, where there are neither winners nor victors. Only the sand and the sea are present in a collective memory charged with a violent history from which the hero emanates as a last resource for humanity.

I received a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico, and have participated in numerous collective and individual exhibitions in the USA, where I lived most of my life.
Amongst others, I received an invitation to exhibit at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington and I appear in the catalog: "Who is Who in the Arts of Washington Today" of the Corcoran Museum of Art (Washington, DC). I was invited to Participate in the founding committee of the "Artomatic" event (Washington, DC).

With a mural project, I won the Competitive Funds of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay in 2008. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Uruguay acquires from the artist a large collection of pieces to promote cultural tourism outside the country.

Gallery: Iliad Series