Abiola Oladotun

Abiola Oladotun


In a world surrounded by beauty and chaos I dream to be part of the former, lost in time and space I create and express my world of beauty without boundary.
As a teenager he secretly enjoyed scribbling, and he would hide from his parents when he had to do his chaos. He was encouraged by his mother to pursue his dream as she paid more attention to his desire.
Abiola Oladotun Yusuf was born in Ibadan on the 26th of August 1988 .His Father is an indegene of Ibadan in Nolende , Akinyele Local government area of Oyo state , while His mother is from Edo state in Otuo , Owan local government .His parents moved to Lagos where he started schooling. He attended Central High Shool , Isolo , Lagos , and had His secondary school certificate in the year 2010 . Oladotun later proceeded to the University of Lagos, Nigeria to study Creative Art . In His 300 level , He attended a compulsory ( IT ) industrial training where He specialized in Painting at the Universal Art Studio in the National theatre , Iganmu Lagos . In 2012 He graduated with a Bachelors degree in painting .
Oladotun is a visual artist and an illustrator. He loves the freedom of interpretation, of exploring different media and always felt the sense of peace during creative processes. He has chosen to explore the movement of Expressionism, as this is the period of art that have most influenced His own work . He often undergoes research about the artists that worked in the expressionist style and the little that He know has driven Him to want to explore this style of painting in more depth" . Oladotun uniquely combines drawing and painting on the same canvas , inspired by the human form , female figures features prominently in His works . He is particularly intrigued by the flow and continuity of His curves and postures and lines of the body , a connection that compel Him to mentally express in His drawing . He then animate his drawing by applying colors in quick strokes to give a graphical effect to His work , while simultaneously retaining the drawing . Oladotun draws His inspiration from artist like , Bob- Nosa who He appreciate for His combination of col our in His painting , Lynn Arnod with whom He shares some similarities in His style and Alberto Giacometti , whom He term His favorite .

His works were featured in Artx Lagos through Signature Art Gallery Lagos – 2017
Tales of a thousand miniatures exhibition -2018.
Down the rabbit hole ( A salon exhibition Curated by Sunshine Alaibe -2018

Commissioned works
Ogirikan Art gallery Lagos Nigeria -2017
Artyrama Art gallery Lagos Nigeria - 2018
Akka Project Dubai - 2018
Signature and Sogal Auction - 2018
ArtHouse 21st modern and contemporary art Art auction -2018
Art house affordable Art auction 2019