Anja Bamberg

Anja Bamberg

Born in the grey and outwardly closed GDR, this one she outgrew in childhood, Anja Bamberg is particularly interested in overcoming boundaries in her artistic work.

These are often places that change or are no longer present in their original form. The longing for vastness and freedom is often the driving force and the source of ideas. However, dealing with the effects of urbanization often diametrically contrasts with this, creating an energetic field of tension.

In large-format works on canvas in "traditional" painting, the focus is on making contrasts in terms of colours more visible, but also in relation to the subject.

The combination of line and surface in a mix of oil, acrylic, oil pastes and pens characterize her style.

Anja Bamberg is strongly influenced in her painting by working as an art therapist with clients of different ages, backgrounds and in the clinical setting.

The artist lives and works near Munich.

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