Abby Digital Renders

Abby Digital Renders


I learned about and was captivated by computers at a very early age. After working in the field for a few years, I realized that there wasn't simply a single computer industry; instead there were computers coming into use in almost EVERY industry, and that I needed to be more specific as to which of those fields I would work in. Immediately I seized upon the field of COMPUTER GRAPHICS and set about to make that industry my own. As it happens, the industrial subset of GRAPHICS is just like computers in general; It's not just one industry, but a pervasive technological force, infiltrating and disrupting many different fields. Once again, I needed to choose; Just what KIND of computer graphics was I going to concentrate on? Then I saw Disney's TRON and that settled it. Ever since then, I have been involved in the use of computer animation to tell stories, both inside the fields of television and motion picture production, and on my own. Over the past decade or so I have produced several animated shorts, which can be seen on youtube at and also at my personal website, where you can also see many more renderings and you can listen to the music I create for use as soundtracks for my animations. Enjoy!

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