Aase Lind Art

Aase Lind Art


I am an independent artist, living and working in Denmark.

Favorite themes are Nature, Flowers, the Arctic, Environements, etc.

I love to work with combinations of color - they give so much joy!
The lovely warm and saturated colors from the Southern Hemisphere (TROPICAL COLLECTION)
and the shades of grey and bluish from my Scandinavian part of the World.
(look for my websites: aaselind.dk - aaselind.eu - http://aaselindart.wix.com/paintings)

Flowers are a favorite of mine. A luxury for some and a MUST for others - like me!
It´s a great pleasure for me, that some collectors have ordered a number of my flower-paintings.
I like to believe, my flowerpaintings give the room a pleasant athmosphere.

Paintings are in Acrylics/Oils on stretched Canvas. Spray-finish for protection.
Ready to hang, unframed and sides are painted. Frame optional.
Signature on backside. Certificate og authenticity enclosed.
Packing: cardboardbox and bubblewrap.

Shipping worldwide. Way of shipping depending on destinations.

Prices & details: You are allways welcome to ask: aaselind.art@gmail.com

Land- & Seascapes