Zuninga Cultural Arts is committed to providing our clients with high quality, hand-crafted art fashioned by master artisans in the ancient Eastern tradition. In doing our research, we have travelled to destinations like Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, India and interior China to witness, first-hand, the pride and painstaking care that goes into the making of each piece.

Zuninga Cultural Arts believes in highlighting the work of those brilliant but under-exposed artisans in Asia both to help keep their livelihood viable, and to prevent their fine craftsmanship from being overtaken by soulless, mass-produced, machine-made objects on the market today. In contrast, each of our pieces represents the distilled result of eons of human preoccupation with myths, beliefs, legends, music, relationships, hopes, dreams, yearnings, passions, spirits, gods. Our art pieces are carriers of history, tradition, and heritage.

We welcome your questions and suggestions in order to improve the qualify of our services.